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Among the Rabbits, Jumpy Ghostface is known by another title: the Rabbit King. In their quest for peace, 1st Squad convinced the Rabbits and Jumpy to join Bki Green. Like his name implies, Jumpy Ghostface is a master of jumping rope. He jumps rope with such speed, that he can create a force- field around himself and others. In addition to his rope skills, Jumpy often wraps his ears around his head like a ninja mask, and throws carrots like throwing stars. Plus, he can use his ears as extra hands when he needs to.


Although not directly playable, you can obtain a Jumpy transformation candy by completing the Rabbit Kingdom Missions.

Mr. No Hands serves as the brain and commander of 1st Squad; he Is the one responsible for training them to be the elite fighting team that they are. Though often shouting instructions at them like a drill sergeant, he has a soft spot for each member of 1st Squad because he recognizes their potential to turn the tide of war in favor of Big Green.


Mr. No Hands is not a strong figher, but when forced into battle, he can fire darts at his enemies from afar. How he fires the darts without his hands is a big mystery... That aside, his primary job in battle is not to do the most damage but to keep his teammates' alive by using Earth-based heals and defense boosting skills.

Mystique Sonia is the most beautiful girl in all of Big Green and she knows It! But don't be fooled into mistaking her for a sweet, innocent little girl. Because when it comes to the battlefield, Mystique Sonla can lay down some old-school smack-down just as well as any of the boys!


In the game, Sonia's primary role is a Water Mage. Early on, she attacks with powerful spells while her Yaksha hat stretches to melee anything that gets close. At later levels, her advanced water spells are able to freeze opponents in place, making her an extremely valuable teammate when crowd control is necessary.

In terms of raw strength, Mighty Ray is the most powerful member of 1st Squad. He possesses Magical Electric Eyeballs, which can unleash incredible blasts of lightning and fire! He has the strength to hold back a charging bull and he usually leads 1st Squad into battle, however, he is also prone to rushing into things without considering the consequences...


Mighty Ray's element Is Fire and he makes great use of it by shooting lightning beams or setting foes on fire for continuous damage. He is a true Warrior with great attack and defense power and thus should always be in the front lines of battle. He can definitely take a beating and should try to prevent enemies from getting to his weaker teammates through stuns and knockdowns.

Lin Chung is the most accomplished and skilled warrior in all of Big Green. He possesses the legendary Panther Vision, which allows him to be an extraordinary sharpshooter. Lin Chung shoots bamboo shoots from his bamboo gun with amazing speed and incredible accuracy.


Lin Chung is an Air Ranger first and foremost, but that doesn't mean he lacks in melee combat. If he gets in close he can slow his opponent's run speed or even silence their skills and abilities. But ultimately, the bulk of Lin Chung's strength will come from his snapshooting skills.


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